Did you grow up with a father (or no father input) in a culture with expectations that did not help guide you in your life’s journey? Did they say? “DON’T DO WHAT I DID” or did they not say anything at all? For generations now, we have had warped ideas on what-- Manhood, Success, Faith, Sex, Marriage, and being a “Father” is all about. Compounded by our culture and, confusingly, the church at large. It matters that much that we address this now – as our future rides on it! Take this opportunity to discover and grow into your best self - there is hope and there Is more.


I believe by addressing these areas you can discover how to be the man you-yourself can respect and admire. I'll walk along side, showing you how to defeat addictions, addressing mindsets and we'll pull into the light the areas that you feel need to be addressed with a no-nonsense compassion.

The greatest investment you can make in your life is in you. The consequential choice to 'go there' you'll find is unequaled anywhere.

Yes, do this for your wife, your children and your children's children - but ultimately do it for you.


Its easy to do things again and again in the same way while expecting different results (this is the definition of insanity). Having someone to share your thoughts and pound this out with is what I bring. I believe there is hope - healing - transformation and True Freedom available to YOU! You weren't made to just 'cope' with things - no, but to overcome. - I'll show you how.

Areas I’m keen to help with:

Addiction > Freedom

Developing & Personalizing Your Spiritual Journey

Working through your Thoughts & Mindsets

Finding Purpose & Understanding Your Gifts

I believe in hope. And I believe in you. It would be an honor to walk alongside."



I so wished I had learned what I've learned long long ago. Such is life. But, we are where we are and this not by accident. I can say what I've discovered is truly beautiful and I believe I can help you in a meaningful way.

My schooling has provided me the tools so as to better help you navigate this journey. My life experience, has provided me not only compassion and empathy but also fuels my desire to come alongside others.

Contact me and we'll set up a confidential time to talk and see if this might be the right thing for you.

I do one-on-one sessions and if interested, groups. Let me know your preference.

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