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*Currently Mark is focused on his art, books and shows and not taking on new clients. *


"Creativity takes courage."
-Henry Matisse

My passion is to encourage and walk alongside creatives in their journey. Wherever you may be - at the outset or well along the way. I'll look at things with you and be an honest, kind voice. I want for you to not only succeed in your ventures but to find the joy that can be there for you along the way.


Coaching is an investment in you - and its the only investment that pays the greatest dividends for both you and the 'others' in your life.

I believe I can help if you want to...

  • Become a Full Time Working Artist

  • Better Your Drawing

  • Learn How to Use PhotoShop

  • Help Develop your Story

  • Get Published or How to Publish

  • Learn the Skills and Tools so as to Thrive and Unlock Your Creative Potential

  • Achieve Your Goals

This is an individualized one on one time where I'll meet you where you are at and what you are wanting to address.

This is Your Story - Make it Amazing!



What to expect...


Coaching is all about coming alongside YOU in YOUR journey. Sort of as a ‘Co-Collaborator’ - Addressing what it takes for you to get from Point A to Point C - be it internal or external - and providing tools that can be transformative in one’s llfe.

You are where you are today, not by accident, but because of the choices you've made. This endeavor that is before you - the more purposefully you engage it will determine the results ahead.


Our time is about moving you forward from where you are today - purposefully and productively so you can flourish and thrive. - Get ready for an amazing adventure!!


What people are saying...

 "Mark Ludy has been a favorite artist of mine for years.  His art inspires curiosity, surprise, and joy at every turn. Over the last year, boredom and aimless discontent inspired me to try teaching myself how to draw. Every step of the way has been a struggle, and feeling like I needed to struggle and fight against each new sheet of paper was daunting. When I heard about Mark opening opportunities to be taken under his artistic wing, I knew this would be an opportunity not to be missed. I thought Mark might be a fun resource for some helpful tips on improving my drawings, but I had no idea just how impactful my time with him would be.  


Over the span of four weeks, Mark has taken me from an aimless novice dabbling in silly sketches to having a real artistic goal that I'm now working towards with a plan in place to achieve that goal.  His knowledge truly spans the entire breadth of the artistic process, and every minute of time spent with him was worth weeks (or months) on my own.  


On the artistic side, Mark has a keen critical eye for what makes a good drawing.  He is able to highlight strengths and areas of improvement to get right to what makes your art shine and what might be holding it back. I was in awe watching Mark systematically review some of my drawings as he expertly keyed in on what made them memorable- what to focus on, what was a distraction, and how to really find the heart of the drawing.


This has truly been one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences I've had. Mark was able to help me realize years worth of growth not only in the art itself, but also in identifying goals to work towards for continuing that artistic growth. For anyone who enjoys creating but feels the struggle of something holding them back- whether artistic, technical, mental, or otherwise- Mark's coaching will be able to help you overcome those hurdles and begin to unlock your potential. I am not typically an effusive, flowery language sort of person (or even the type to write reviews), but that's just how good Mark is at this." - Jason B


"Mark was an effective and enthusiastic coach! He took time to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the real issues behind my questions for him. He was able to help me see the things I had believed that ultimately were holding me back, for myself. I felt that his great questioning and infectious enthusiasm helped me to see something past the boundaries that I had imposed on myself, and see a real and bright future beyond those limitations! I highly recommend letting Mark help you on your artistic journey!" - Sam A


"I appreciate Mark’s enthusiasm for creating ‘in me’ direction in finding my own creativity.   Mark’s inspiration helps me ‘think’ like a creator.  He gifted me with ideas of how to weave purpose and hope into characters and in myself.  It was like having a meal- the entree and dessert at the same time!" - Pam B


"A great storyteller, Mark knows exactly the right questions to ask to get you thinking. It’s refreshing to get help from someone who has traveled down the same road you’re on. He came along side to help me see the creative areas in my life that are keeping me stuck. I now know that I have the choice to keep them stuck, or change them. I choose to change them, and now I know that I can change them! It’s very refeshing to start down this new road of becoming unstuck. I can feel my creativity rising up in me again. It’s kind of exciting and that makes everything totally worth it."

- Daina P


"Mark is a life coach with words that not only inspire but move. In my hour with Mark, he was able to help me get to the root of some pieces of my life I was trying to pick up. I found our time and marks words invaluable." - Noah C